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Reviews, customer comments, and pictures of work from the best Structural repairs & reinforcement contractors in Akron, Ohio. Platform Ask Actionable customer feedback is one of the best tools to understand and grow your business More

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Reinforcement Construction Akron, Ohio We can use the Concrete Driveway Reinforcement to enhance the compactness of the structural elements and prevent the cracks. Underground Utilities More

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Ordering theses key structural components pre-fabricated and cut-to length, frees up significant labor and man hours on the site. If your company is looking for cost effective steel reinforcement options for your design/build project contact Akron Rebar Company today. More

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Concrete Akron Ohio quality starts at the project's conception while indicating the proper strengths needed to help support the framework, concrete blend layout ingredients, ideal finishes, and the importance of establishing work that is constructible. When creating with concrete, it's essential to understand the reinforcing prerequisites ... More

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Akron Rebar Company has been contracted by construction ally EE Austin & Sons to fabricate and install in excess of 100 tons of structural reinforcement steel through it’s labor company Akron ... More

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R. Neil Sundheimer and Dr. David C. Ash provide bone grafting in Canton and Akron, Ohio, for patients who need additional structural reinforcement. See your dentist or physician for a referral. Depend on The Institute of Jaw and Facial Surgery’s oral and maxillofacial surgeons for the support you need and arrange an appointment with us today! More

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We can use the Concrete Driveway Reinforcement to enhance the compactness of the structural elements and prevent the cracks. Underground Utilities During the foundation installation, we take care of diverting and modifying the existing underground utilities, like the water sewer, power lines, water supply lines etc. More

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Title: Fire-damaged Akron church undergoing structural reinforcement (ABJ 3-3-2019) Author: Linda Created Date: 4/14/2019 2:20:01 PM More

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Hudson: 330-357-4869 Akron: 330-777-4795 Cleveland: ... including basement water issues and structural cracking. ... Buckling and bowing foundation walls is a result of hydrostatic pressure and is a common problem Ohio homeowners deal with. By being proactive on fixing bowed walls, you can avoid a larger and more expensive issue such as having ... More

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The PowerBrace: Foundation Wall Reinforcement System. The PowerBrace™ utilizes the natural strength of your building's concrete floor and floor joist, providing an economical foundation wall reinforcement option. The innovative design of the PowerBrace™ adds strength and support to your foundation walls, eliminating the possibility of basement wall movement. More